Shared Financial Group invites you to apply for life insurance, the easy way.

No medical exams or blood tests, just a few health questions online. Get same-day coverage on affordable policies from our trusted carriers in minutes.


Jesse works with Ethos to provide you with life insurance coverage in just minutes.

How it works...

Get an Instant Quote

See your options with multiple personalized coverage plans to choose from before you apply.

Apply in under 10 mins

Choose your plan and get coverage in about 10 minutes with no medical exam — just a few health questions.

Get covered

I’m available to help you activate your policy once you get a final decision. We're here to help through the process.

Simple & affordable

  • Life insurance isn't one-size-fits-all. Tailor your policy to fit your budget and your family's needs.

  • Coverage can be used to help pay off a home loan, debts, child care, tuition, or anything else your loved ones need.

  • 95% of applicants qualify, and rates start as low as $10 a month*

*Assumption: Healthy 24-year-old female, 10-year term life policy, $100,000 face amount

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